Deciding to engage in a Rehabilitation Program, and then having to decide which of the THOUSANDS of centres available, are probably the hardest decisions a family will have to make.
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Here are some pointers to help you decide which Centre is likely to produce the best results:

Make sure that the Centre you choose is not comparable to a 5-star hotel or holiday resort. Whilst they are far more comfortable than the rest, they may be too nice… One does not want to make rehab a desirable place to be; it may seem like a great respite to life on life’s terms in the future.

Does the Centre have professional (i.e qualified) person in control of the therapeutic program, like a Clinical Psychologist?

The costs of the Centre should be fair: You get what you pay for, so beware of those at both ends of the cost spectrum!

Any Rehab is required to have REGISTERED with the Department of Social Development!

Does the Centre pride itself in being a long term establishment? There are unfortunately many fly-by-night Centre’s out there!

Does the length of the program allow for sufficient time for total and complete healing? This is not something you would want to do over, and over again. It typically takes 1 week to detox physically. Further 1 week to allow cravings to settle. Add another 2 weeks to settle in and form a trusting relationship with the therapeutic staff. This is already 28 days… At this point, according to Serenity’s experience, one can only begin to initiate a therapeutic process…. Longer makes you Stronger!

Be sure that the Centre’s daily program includes routine, discipline, physical exercise, therapy, education and a sense of communal interaction.As any successful person will know- these aspects are critical to survival these days!

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