Serenity Care opened it’s doors in 1997 by our current Director and Lead Addiction Counselor, Lynn Allen.Since 1997, Serenity has treated more than 1000 patients and touched the hearts of many more.

Registered as a Non-Profit organization, The Serenity Care Association has only one thing in mind:

To set the captives free!

It is by this motto that Serenity has operated for 17 years; assisting, teaching and providing Ministry to whomever is captive by the very real and dangerous oppressor that we know as substance abuse.

In 2006, Serenity embraced an all-professional staff policy. Thus we operate under a full Professional staff compliment- 24hrs a day!

Serenity is the only choice if your need is for an effective, affordable, professional service that combines therapy with daily life skills resulting in a profound, lasting recovery.


Drug rehab is  a super specialized service, so if its treatment, rehabilitation, halfway house or secondary care – trust it to our experts.

Our Amazing Program explained:

Serenity has evolved it’s treatment program over the last 17 years, adopting modalities of treatment that have proved successful in practice… not just on paper. Combining community-driven projects with personal and group therapies enables us to actively assess difficulties with life, on life’s terms, and assist by introducing appropriate life skills. Sometimes this calls for loving discipline and consequences, other times a trip to the beach and a BBQ!

Serenity’s early rise, good day’s work in the class and on the farm is a true representation of “life out there”, and has no substitute in terms of life skills training.

The behavior modification element is a simple reward & consequence system which roots out the destructive behaviors of addiction and replaces them with healthy new skill sets.  According to the textbooks, it takes 28 days to root out and replace a bad habit with a new skill.

With cooperation from our team of medical experts, we can assess and treat the co-existing disorders like Bipolar, ADHD, Borderline personality, Schizophreniaand many, many other disorders that so often exist with the addictions.


Our team of Psychologists are actively involved with every Client’s daily happenings, and offer the daily therapeutic direction to the team of Addiction Counselors. This creates a multidisciplinary team of experts which is involved on a daily basis, tailoring and assisting in setting the captives free!

For a more detailed account of our program, simply download our Information Brochure!